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Bryant Air QualityIndoor air quality and respiratory health are closely related. It’s easy to assume that the air you breathe is clean, but that’s not always the case. Health groups and government organizations all have guidelines to improve indoor air quality, and we have recommendations too. Our indoor air quality experts have the knowledge and innovative products needed to make a big difference. We can assess your home, make equipment recommendations and install air cleaners, ventilators and filters that remove pollutants, contaminants and germs.

Mechanical Ventilation

Poor ventilation is a leading cause of indoor air quality problems. Without adequate airflow, pollutants and moisture build up inside homes. Problems related to mold, mildew and airborne contaminants can be alleviated by installing a whole-house ventilator. Energy recovery and heat recovery models are particularly attractive. These systems use conserved energy to pre-treat fresh outdoor air while keeping your home dry and comfortable.

Air Purifiers

Asthma, allergies and respiratory issues are often linked to air quality problems. We combat irritants by installing filtration devices inside existing ductwork. Air is filtered every time it circulates. When your heater or air conditioner is running, the air in your home is filtered up to eight times every hour. State-of-the-art filters capture pollen, dust, allergens and mold spores. They also destroy viruses and bacteria.

Air Humidifiers

Humidity and comfort are closely related. In the winter and during dry periods, low humidity levels irritate airways, dehydrate skin and make the air feel uncomfortably cold. Air humidifiers safely increase moisture levels by adding controllable amounts of water vapor into your ductwork and home. In the summer, excess humidity is effectively removed by your air conditioner or heat pump, and we’ll make sure that these systems are working properly too.

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These are just a few of the indoor air quality products and services that we provide. Our experienced, fully certified professionals can seal ducts, clean system components and adjust blowers to help improve airflow and increase efficiency by up to 15 percent. We also clean condensation drains, evaporator coils and components during seasonal tune-ups. Clogged drains cause excessive humidity, which can lead to mold and mildew problems if not addressed. If necessary, we can also perform duct cleaning services. We assess your entire home and every part of the air conditioning system to enhance your overall comfort and quality of life.

Don’t put up with sneezing, asthma attacks or allergies. Give us a call. Our air quality experts will develop a customized solution for you and your home.

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