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The Benefits of Routine Drain Cleaning in Millbrook, AL

Did you know that household leaks cause over 900 billion gallons of water waste each year? Broken or poorly maintained drains are one of the leading causes of the problem. But one of the best ways to address the issue is by arranging regular maintenance for your drains.

Many people aren’t sure about whether or not they should get routine drain maintenance. They don’t know about all the benefits of maintenance and what a standard appointment might involve. 

We’re here to help you learn everything you need to know. Read on, and we’ll explain all the benefits of regular drain cleaning.

Reduced Water Bills

Clear drains allow unimpeded water flow. Routine maintenance can help you avoid blockages in drains which later result in higher rates of water usage. 

Right now, bills are rising all across America. It’s important to make savings wherever possible. If your broken-down old drains are costing you a few dollars each week in extra water, it may not seem like much. But over the course of a year, that sum can add up.

Avoid Other Maintenance Issues

When drains are improperly maintained, they can run into all kinds of problems. Drains that don’t flow correctly may suffer from a build-up of water. When the frosts come, this could lead to potholes, roof damage, or even collapsing drains.

These issues can be costly and time-consuming. Specialized contractors are often needed to make repairs and solve the issue long-term.  

By keeping your drains well-maintained and running smoothly, you’ll avoid all kinds of other issues that could arise. That means savings on money and time in the future!

Reduced Emergency Callouts

Lower water bills aren’t the only way regular drain maintenance can save you money. Clear drains are less susceptible to breaking down. So it follows if your drains are regularly maintained by expert contractors, you’re less likely to have to pay for emergency callouts.

When you have to call a company out in an emergency, you’re often paying extra for short-notice travel costs. Additionally, emergency plumbing issues can be quite severe, meaning you have to pay a huge emergency fee.

Emergency callouts are also a huge cause of stress. Imagine a storm just rolling through town, and your drains have collapsed. Water is pouring everywhere, and you’re on the phone trying to arrange for someone to come and help. 

That’s why it’s great value for money to arrange regular maintenance. When you work with us, you’ll get a friendly, efficient service that can help you avoid all kinds of issues down the line. 

Clear the Air With Regular Drain Cleaning

If you have clogged drains around your property, you may have noticed a foul smell in the air! Then again, perhaps you haven’t noticed. Homeowners often grow used to bad smells around their own property, but visitors will certainly pick up on the stink.

Keeping drains well-maintained is a great way to avoid that smell. When drains don’t get the maintenance they need, they can become clogged with all kinds of junk. This can result in stagnant or tainted water becoming trapped in drains, causing a bad smell. 

This is especially important for outdoor drains. Leaves, animals, and other items floating in the outdoors can cause all kinds of unseemly clogs. But a simple maintenance appointment can help the drains to avoid these clogs and keep your property smelling sweet!

Quick and Easy

Emergency callouts or major repair jobs can take days or even weeks to complete. Technicians may have to spend many hours dealing with some of these specific problems. They may need access to the inside of your property in order to get to the bottom of the issue.

Maintenance appointments are very different. These normally take less than a day, often around an hour or two. We’ll do some simple cleaning, inspections, and repairs, using a special drain cleaner tool and vast experience to do a thorough job. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. So, we’ll work as quickly and quietly as possible while you put your feet up. We’ll also schedule an appointment that suits your needs, and we can come throughout the week at a time that’s most convenient for you. 

Great Value

We’re proud to provide drain cleaning services that represent excellent value for money. We work hard to keep our quotes as low as possible while still offering a quality service that provides bang for your buck. 

When you pay for a maintenance appointment, you aren’t just getting a simple cleaning. You’re also getting access to our expert technicians. They can ensure everything is running smoothly at your property in Millbrook, Montgomery, or any number of surrounding towns and cities. 

Besides, as we already mentioned, you’ll save money in the long run. A small amount expended on routine maintenance can be considered a wise investment in your home.

A Local Company You Can Rely On

When you’re looking for drain cleaning in the Millbrook, AL area, there’s a clear best choice. Clark Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing offer quality services in Montgomery, Millbrook, and the surrounding area. We also offer services day and night in Alex City, Pine Level, Greenville, Prattville, Marbury, and many more. 

Contact Clark today to find out more about their wide range of services and the ways we can keep your home in amazing shape. We’ll give you a unique quote and work with you to meet your precise needs. You’ll soon find out why we’re the best drain cleaner in town.

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My technician was Doug. I had an emergency plumbing issue and he came right out and worked diligently until the issue was fixed! I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. I recommend this business and Doug! They had to come back out and fix an additional problem we found from the first instance and Brad accompanied Doug. They were both professional and completed the work in a timely fashion.


Clark’s Plumbing to save the day. Team Jeremy and Doug saved me time, frustrations, and money on upgrading our hot water heater. They were very professional, personable, and considerate of what is best for the customer. They were on time, courteous and friendly. They worked diligently and were honest. These values are hard to find in today’s environment. I really appreciate Team Jeremy and Doug. These guys are amazing.

Nicole S.

Had a leak appear by the back door. Called Clark heating and air conditioning, left a message and within five minutes had Jeremy call me back. He was out at my house within twenty minutes which was very quick. He quickly found the problem which was the ac stack, he removed the clog quickly. I was afraid it was going to be something more serious but thankfully it was simple. Awesome service and will be my go to company for a/c and plumbing. Jeremy was very professional and did a wonderful job.

Tim B.

Great experience with this company. I called Tuesday morning about my pilot light no longer working in the water heater, and Doug and Jeremy came out that afternoon. They were quick and efficient and made sure they explained what was going on and what could be done. Sadly, I needed an entire new unit, which required an electrician. Clark’s set that up as well, and I didn’t have to make any calls to get it done.

Jonathan M.

Was awoken to water pouring out of hot water heater in the hall and scrambled to find water shut off, got the water off and called Clark. Doug and Jeremy were here in under five minutes. Amazing!!! After a quick inspection they ascertained it was a ‘thermal unit’ and had us back to hot water in under 30 minutes! I sincerely and highly recommend Clark and specifically these two gentleman. We could not be more satisfied with the work and their comportment while here. True PROFESSIONALS!

James B.

Came out to service A/C after beginning membership. Couldn’t be happier, the air is running great now. Zack even took care of a wasp nest on my front porch. Very nice people and very prompt. Will definitely be using from here on!

Amanda B.

We would like to Thank the Clark Heating, air conditioning and Plumbing team members Jeremy and Doug for coming out to Tonnie Caldwell home making sure everthing was taken care of explaining everything to us about what needed to be done and was on time and very clean in doing there job and making sure we were happy in the service they provided. I will be calling you all again for any service that I may have in the future. Thanks once again.

Sheila I.

Doug and Jeremy arrived on time they both were courteous and professional took extra care wearing foot protectors and mask , could not ask for better service than these fellas performed.

Jeff W.

I called this morning for an issue with my water heater and leaky bathroom faucet. The company promptly sent out two awesome technicians Doug and Jeremy. They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely be using in the future and would recommend to anyone in need of service!

Bernadette E.

For over a year, I have used Clark’s to service my air conditioning system, but recently I decided to upgrade. Norah and Blake was very professional, on time, and knowledgeable. Just like Clark’s was recommended to me, I will also recommend them to someone else, because they are the best company for air and heating needs .

Rotonya S.

We recently had both plumbing and thermostat issues. Clark came out very quickly to assess our situation and even though the plumbing required a lot of work, they finished in a couple of days. Ryan with heating and air was knowledgeable and pleasant. Doug and Jeremy were patient with all of our plumbing questions, knowledgeable about the work and products, then did a great job fixing our regulator and putting in a tankless water heater.

Shelby T.

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