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5 Common Reasons for Hiring Drain Cleaning Services in Montgomery, AL

The average home usually has at least half a dozen different drains in it. From the drains in kitchen and bathroom sinks to the drains in bathtubs and showers, it’s important for you to take good care of these drains while living in a house.

You can do this, first and foremost, by being careful about what you put down drains. You shouldn’t ever attempt to put things like coffee grounds, flour, oil, grease, or hair down any drain in your home.

You should also call on one of the best drain cleaning services in Montgomery, AL to assist you with your home’s drains when necessary. It’s better to call on a drain cleaning service at the first sign of trouble as opposed to putting it off and eventually having to do more plumbing services than you planned on doing down the line.

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a plumbing service to do drain cleaning for you. Here are five of the best reasons to call on one for assistance.

1. You Have Slow-Moving Drains in Your Home

Is there a drain in your home that takes forever to drain after you’re finished running a faucet? This is what’s commonly called a slow-moving drain, and it’s one of the most annoying plumbing problems you can have.

When you have a slow-moving drain, it can cause a sink or a bathtub to fill up more than it should when you’re running it. You might end up trying to wash your hands in a sink that’s almost full or take a shower while standing in six inches of water.

Either way, you shouldn’t let a slow-moving drain linger around for any longer than it has to. There is most likely something stuck in your drain that’s causing it to drain slower than it should.

By reaching out to one of the drain cleaning services in Montgomery, AL, you can have this particular problem taken care of in no time at all. They’ll be able to determine what’s causing a slow-moving drain so that they can fix it right away for you.

2. You Have Drains That Back Up on You All the Time

Slow-moving drains might drive you crazy. But at the very least, they will eventually allow you to drain all the water out of a sink, bathtub, etc.

If, on the other hand, you have a drain that backs up on you all the time, it’ll be a different story. A drain like this is going to put you in a position where you’ll have to plunge a drain early and often to get a sink or bathtub to empty.

If you only have to do this once or twice, that might be enough to fix a clogged drain and get it working like it’s supposed to. But if you have a drain that backs up on you every other day, you should have a drain cleaning service evaluate it ASAP. They can stop a drain from backing up on you like this on a regular basis.

3. You Have Drains That Have Something Stuck in Them

Do you know for a fact that there is something in one of your home’s drains that shouldn’t be there? Maybe your absent-minded spouse accidentally dumped a bunch of grease down your kitchen sink, or maybe your child put something down the drain in your bathtub when you weren’t looking.

Either way, you shouldn’t just assume that things will be OK if your drain doesn’t back up on you right away. You should instead contact a drain cleaning service that can help you remove whatever may have gone down a drain in your home.

You’ll be better off being proactive about the situation and cleaning your drains now than allowing the situation to spiral out of control and putting yourself into a tough spot in the future.

4. You Have Drains That Smell Bad

Does it smell like something crawled into one of the drains in your home and died? That probably didn’t happen, but the odors that are coming out of your drain might still suggest otherwise!

There are some steps you can try to take to clean a stinky drain. But if you don’t have too much luck with them, you want to have a plumbing service step in and help. They can eliminate any odors from your home’s drains and make them smell fantastic again.

5. You Have Drains That Are Causing Plumbing Leaks

If you let something like a slow-moving drain hang around in your home for too long, it’s only going to be a matter of time before it starts to put a huge strain on your plumbing system. In some cases, it could even lead to plumbing leaks.

If things escalate to this point, you shouldn’t hesitate to have a plumbing service come out to your home imstoragetely. Any plumbing leaks in your home can cause damage to it and potentially lead to mold and mildew growth throughout it.

Ideally, you’ll want to have work done on your home’s drains before things get to be this bad. But even if you don’t do that, you can still salvage your plumbing system by having it worked on right away.

Call On One of the Best Drain Cleaning Services in Montgomery, AL Today

Do you need to hire a drain cleaning service for any of these reasons? If so, there will be plenty of drain cleaning services in Montgomery, AL that will offer to help.

But our drain cleaning service is the best one of the bunch. We’ve been setting our customers up with plumbing services for years now and promise to do great work when you welcome us into your home.

Contact us today to schedule drain cleaning services in Montgomery, AL as well as many of the surrounding areas, including Millbrook, Pike Road, Prattville, and Wetumpka.

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My technician was Doug. I had an emergency plumbing issue and he came right out and worked diligently until the issue was fixed! I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. I recommend this business and Doug! They had to come back out and fix an additional problem we found from the first instance and Brad accompanied Doug. They were both professional and completed the work in a timely fashion.


Clark’s Plumbing to save the day. Team Jeremy and Doug saved me time, frustrations, and money on upgrading our hot water heater. They were very professional, personable, and considerate of what is best for the customer. They were on time, courteous and friendly. They worked diligently and were honest. These values are hard to find in today’s environment. I really appreciate Team Jeremy and Doug. These guys are amazing.

Nicole S.

Had a leak appear by the back door. Called Clark heating and air conditioning, left a message and within five minutes had Jeremy call me back. He was out at my house within twenty minutes which was very quick. He quickly found the problem which was the ac stack, he removed the clog quickly. I was afraid it was going to be something more serious but thankfully it was simple. Awesome service and will be my go to company for a/c and plumbing. Jeremy was very professional and did a wonderful job.

Tim B.

Great experience with this company. I called Tuesday morning about my pilot light no longer working in the water heater, and Doug and Jeremy came out that afternoon. They were quick and efficient and made sure they explained what was going on and what could be done. Sadly, I needed an entire new unit, which required an electrician. Clark’s set that up as well, and I didn’t have to make any calls to get it done.

Jonathan M.

Was awoken to water pouring out of hot water heater in the hall and scrambled to find water shut off, got the water off and called Clark. Doug and Jeremy were here in under five minutes. Amazing!!! After a quick inspection they ascertained it was a ‘thermal unit’ and had us back to hot water in under 30 minutes! I sincerely and highly recommend Clark and specifically these two gentleman. We could not be more satisfied with the work and their comportment while here. True PROFESSIONALS!

James B.

Came out to service A/C after beginning membership. Couldn’t be happier, the air is running great now. Zack even took care of a wasp nest on my front porch. Very nice people and very prompt. Will definitely be using from here on!

Amanda B.

We would like to Thank the Clark Heating, air conditioning and Plumbing team members Jeremy and Doug for coming out to Tonnie Caldwell home making sure everthing was taken care of explaining everything to us about what needed to be done and was on time and very clean in doing there job and making sure we were happy in the service they provided. I will be calling you all again for any service that I may have in the future. Thanks once again.

Sheila I.

Doug and Jeremy arrived on time they both were courteous and professional took extra care wearing foot protectors and mask , could not ask for better service than these fellas performed.

Jeff W.

I called this morning for an issue with my water heater and leaky bathroom faucet. The company promptly sent out two awesome technicians Doug and Jeremy. They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely be using in the future and would recommend to anyone in need of service!

Bernadette E.

For over a year, I have used Clark’s to service my air conditioning system, but recently I decided to upgrade. Norah and Blake was very professional, on time, and knowledgeable. Just like Clark’s was recommended to me, I will also recommend them to someone else, because they are the best company for air and heating needs .

Rotonya S.

We recently had both plumbing and thermostat issues. Clark came out very quickly to assess our situation and even though the plumbing required a lot of work, they finished in a couple of days. Ryan with heating and air was knowledgeable and pleasant. Doug and Jeremy were patient with all of our plumbing questions, knowledgeable about the work and products, then did a great job fixing our regulator and putting in a tankless water heater.

Shelby T.

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